TV Wall Mounting

Wall Mounting a TV can be more troublesome than you may think, there are many traps to fall into. We carry in our service vehicles a full range of TV mounts, screws and spacers so we are bound to have the correct materials for your job, saving you the time and hassle. Finding solid fixing is no problem as we use quality stud finders to locate timber or steel studs, ensuring your TV will be safe and secure. 

Cables can be hidden inside your walls if you want that clean look, or capping can be supplied. We can also hide all of your components i.e. sky, dvd player etc in a cupboard somewhere else in your home, without compromising on picture quality and functionality thanks to smart IR technology.

Wall Mounting your flat screen is a great way to save space and keeps it secure from earthquakes or theft, plus keeps your TV out of reach of small children.

Our wall mounts are tried and tested and we take pride in our work.

- Price guide for most common TV wall mount jobs -

  1. Flat wall mount install $200 (upto 65")
  2. Full motion mount install $220 (up to 50")
  3. Full motion mount 51'' to 65" $280
  4. Install with your wall mount $130 (frame tv $160)
  5. Any additional TVs installed while there 50% off.
  6. Additional $100 for hidden cabling (conditions apply)
  7. Cable capping $20 additional.

All prices include GST.

  • TV Wall Mounting service
  • Supply and installation
  • Tilt Mounts
  • Flush Mounts
  • Full motion mounts
  • Cables within capping
  • Hidden Cabling in walls
  • Any size TV